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Add-on Solid-State Start Converter Designed to Boost Your Phasemaster™ Rotary Converters Start-up Capablities.

Kandlestick™ are 100% solid state, no relay chattering, no contacts to burn, no regenerative effects on shut-off.

Kandlestick™ solid state 3PH boost converters are also very small saving room in your enclosures.

Kandlestick™ Wire Diagram

By adding the Kandlestick™ 3 Phase Boost Converter to your 3PH converter set-up, you will be able to enhance the start-up of a motor by up to 750%.

No longer is it necessary to machine or shave motor armatures to aid in the start up of your rotary converter. Kandlestick™ utilizes Kay Industries phase conversion expertise and proprietary Phakpak™ Boost Start Capacitor technology in tandem to aid in starting your rotary converter motor more quickly and efficiently than ever before.